Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical panel installation and upgrades by Temecula electrical contractor.

Residential Electrical Panel Replacement/Upgrade

If you’ve been noticing lights flickering or breakers tripping frequently at your home or office, it’s probably a sign that you’re not getting an adequate supply of electricity where it’s needed—at least not on a consistent basis. The solution, in most cases, is a service upgrade or a panel upgrade. These types of electric upgrades are a long-lasting resolution to electrical problems caused by an insufficient supply of power to areas of your home. These procedures often involve replacing or upgrading the meter socket, the electrical panel, and the connective wiring, as well as wires in the grounding system. All or part of these changes may be needed to resolve the problem.

If the electrical capacity of your house seems to be falling short of the actual demand, we can help. Give us a call at Precision Electrical Services in Temecula to see if the problem can be corrected with a service upgrade. Our experienced electricians will troubleshoot your issues and determine if an electrical upgrade is the best course of action. Insufficient power can undermine the efficiency of your entire household and cause appliances, light fixtures, and electronic devices to compete with each other for access to a limited supply of electricity.

If this sounds like what’s happening at your house, we can let you know for sure. After we’ve inspected your property’s electrical system, we can pinpoint what kind of service or panel upgrade you need. Our licensed electricians will provide a panel upgrade or upgrade your electrical service itself so that a reliable supply of power is available throughout your home at all times. A service upgrade may be necessary to replace old, outdated, and possibly unsafe wiring in your home, so don’t wait. Contact us today to get started!

Commercial electrical services by Temecula electrician.Commercial Service Upgrades

Precision Electrical Services – Electrical MeterIf your business needs an upgrade to its electrical service, you may be experiencing problems that are impacting productivity and even profitability. At Precision Electrical Services, our training, expertise, and 10 years of experience provide us with the advanced skills to address all your service upgrade needs. In many cases, an electrical upgrade is required to help keep pace with recent growth or expansion. If you’ve been hiring more employees, creating more work stations, and hooking up more machinery, chances are that an electric upgrade is overdue. We’ll confirm that after evaluating your current electrical capacity and seeing how it stacks up against the increased demands you’re placing on it. We’re here to help make sure your electrical system is everything you need it to be to keep your commercial space running smoothly.

Although the electrical capacity of your home or business might have been perfect for your needs several years ago, the addition of new appliances, electronics, and people may have rendered your original electrical system obsolete. We can help you surmount this temporary limitation and enable you to secure a more-than-ample supply of power for all your electrical needs. Call us today for a free estimate on a service upgrade in Temecula or whatever other electrical services you may need!

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