QuietCool Fan Installation

What is QuietCool Fan?

QuietCool is a whole house fan system that is a energy efficient and quiet way to cool your home. When running, the QuietCool whole house fans generate a very peaceful hum that is whisper quiet. You can talk, sleep or watch television without the harsh noise often found in traditional whole house fans. These fans are also have the highest energy efficiency rating of all whole house fans listed on the California Department of Energy approved products list.

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How much do they cost and how much money will it save me?

QuietCool fan systems start at $500. Because of the high level of energy efficiency of these fans you can expect a complete return on your investment in as little of 2yrs. These fans will drastically reduce your air-conditioning use and reduce your electrical bill immediately. With our long hot days in Temecula and San Diego installing a QuietCool fan is a no-brainer for most home owners.

Quiet Cool Fan Installation

We are certified as professional installers of QuietCool fan systems. We offer fast, professional and clean installations. Call us to get a no obligation, free estimate to install your QuietCool Fan. We offer the lowest install price in the Temecula area.

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